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    Sobranie cigarettes were created in London in 1879. It is one of the most famous cigarette brands in the world. Russian Russian diplomats and representatives of the aristocracy established a club in London at the end of the XIX century in great Britain, which was called the "Russian Assembly". Sobranie cigarette manufacturers have always been trendsetters in their field. And the history of the famous cigarette brand has its roots in the deep past. Recently, the 130th anniversary of the Sobranie house was celebrated, and the release of a new line of cigarettes with an air-carbon filter was timed to this significant event.

    Currently, the brand belongs to one of the world's largest cigarette manufacturers – the Gallaher Group. But initially Sobranie was an independent brand. They began to be produced in London in 1879, and quickly became popular in the most respectable area of the British capital, St. James. This is where private clubs were always located, and all the aristocracy of Europe gathered. It is not difficult to guess that the requirements for the quality of cigarettes were the highest, otherwise the brand would have simply died. However, since the end of the 19th century, Sobranie not only received recognition in London, but also became widespread in narrow diplomatic circles around the world.

    The name of their cigarettes was given in honor of the aristocratic Russian club – the Russian Noble Assembly, which has its representative office, including in the London district of St. James. Production of Sobranie cigarettes has long been carried out manually to order, and their cost was unattainable for most smokers on the planet.

    Tobacco for making cigarettes was delivered from different parts of the world. The aromatic variety Oriental from Greece and Turkey was mixed with American and Brazilian tobacco, and the result was a rich taste and, at the same time, a fragrant mixture.

    Sobranie Cocktail – these are clearly ladies' cigarettes. Smoking does not leave a disgusting aroma on the hands, which attracts the many consumers. And unlike similar type Nat Sherman Fantasia, Cocktails have a standard size of 85mm or 100mm and have a more delicate colour. Order Sobranie Cocktail cigarettes online. Free worldwide delivery for ANY order. Luxury tobacco brand at lowest price guaranteed.


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